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Well, it’s about time I got back to my sneak peeks and personal photo posts! (And I promise plenty of both this month! I have a blog schedule averaging 4 posts a week for February!) Tonight, I wanted to share a few of my favorites from my recent week in Las Vegas.  The hubs and I took a much needed and deserved mini-vacay and of course, I took my camera.  I love photographing neon signs…I always have, but I have found a renewed interest in night photography after our trip.  We spent many hours on the Strip at night, and there was no shortage of things that caught my photographic eye. Especially on Fremont Street…what a great place for night photography!

Not only was my interest in night photography lit aflame once more, but I also really found that I loved the black and white aspect of it. You all know I don’t do much black and white photography or post processing. My style is bright, vivid and colorful.  There is the challenge, I think! By nature, neon is bright, vivid and colorful.  Why not take all that away and lay bare what is beneath?  Well, that’s what I’ve been doing with this set of photos.   So for my first share from the trip, here is a whole bunch of neon…in monochrome.



This week I’ll be posting more peeks from Vegas and our ghost town adventures.  I’ll also be explaining more about my Senior Rep Program coming for the Class of 2013! You won’t want to miss that! I’m looking for 6 reps and you have the chance to earn cash and rewards!!

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