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Engaged! n+n | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Tis the season, for engagements!  The last month or so has brought me many engaged couples, and I have to admit that I have a blast working with them each and every time!   Let me introduce you to Nancy + Nate.  They met up with me in Felicita Park shortly before the holidays and let me tell you, they were troopers! I love when I have clients who are willing to try anything to get the perfect shot!  We explored the park a little as well, as it was my first time shooting there.  (I’d been to visit, but never to photograph!) I loved it!

And this will be my first introduction of a slightly new look for sneak peeks on the blog.  Instead of scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, images will be presented now in storyboards, or in the case of a really long post, in a gallery built right into the post.  Also stay tuned for the final touches coming on the main site! (I’ll be announcing those VERY soon!)

Now here’s my peek for the lovebirds.  I love engagements and weddings.  The only feeling I’ve ever experienced that was greater than falling in love, is falling in love with my daughter when she was born.  One of my favorite song lyrics is, “I surrender who I am for who you are.”  I think that is so true. Once you find that perfect person, it just happens.  ?

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